Question for technical intern trainees from Vietnam in Daisan

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Question for technical intern trainees from Vietnam in Daisan

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There are many technical intern trainees from Vietnam at Daisan.
We asked three of them some questions.

Name Cu Tien Quan Nguyen Dang Hai Le Canh Hung
Age 24 24 25
Entry into Japan Sept. 19th ,2013 Sept. 3rd ,2012 Sept. 19th ,2013
Assign Kanagawa Hyogo Tokyo


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Questions and Answers

[Q1] What is the reason that you applied to be a skill trainee?
Quan: Because I felt admiration and charm about Japan through a magazine and TV, and I thought all the time that I wanted to go to Japan.
Hai, Hung: I want to earned money and make my family’s life wealthily, so I applied to be a skill trainee.

[Q2] What is the reason you chose us from many companies?
Hai:I am one of the Vietnamese initial trainees.
In those days, there were no choice to choose Daisan, because Daisan was the only company accepted Vietnam trainee.
When I think carefully, I think that I didn't choose the company, but the company choose me fortunately. Hehe:)
Quan, Hung: Daisan is in the top of Japanese scaffolding companies, and I heard from the senior trainee that "Speaking of BI-KE Ashiba is Daisan".
That is why I chose Daisan.

[Q3] Please tell what was the hard life time most in Japan? And, can you feel a difference in a way of the life and work of Japan in comparison with your mother country?
Quan, Hai, Hung: I wasn’t used to the summer heat of Japan, so summer season was hard for me to live.
Hai : Japanese people have a strong occupational consciousness than Vietnamese and am well-mannered, so I felt it amazing.
I haven’t seen Japanese people who doesn’t follows the traffic rules.
I think that only Japanese can consider the people of the circumference in the train.

[Q4] Is there something you want to learn other than work in Japan?
Quan :I want to learn more Japanese language.
Hai, Hung: If it is possible, I want to travel all over Japan, and learn each local culture.

[Q5] Please tell me your future aim.
Quan :I’ll acquire an ability for Japanese N2 level.
Hai, Hung: Save money hard that I can self-employed after I return to my country.

[Q6] Message for the foreigners who thinks to work in our company.
Quan, Hai, Hung: The most important thing in the training of scaffolding is physical strength.
Acquire physical strength well, and come to Japan with an aim.


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[Q1] 技能実習生に志願した理由はなんですか?

[Q2] 数ある企業の中から当社を選んだ理由は何ですか?

[Q3] 日本の生活の中で一番苦労したことを教えてください。また、母国と比較して日本の生活や仕事のやり方で違いを感じることはありますか?

[Q4] 日本で、仕事以外で学びたいことはありますか?

[Q5] 今後の目標を教えてください。

[Q6] 当社で仕事をしようと考えている外国人に向けメッセージをお願いします。