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Business Explanation

Manufacturing and Sales

We are developing equipment for temporary construction, in which "BI-KE Ashiba" plays a central part.
Our product and quality of equipment have been certified by Scaffolding and Construction Equipment Association of Japan(*1).
Our products are widely distributed throughout the Japan market.
We also accept any requests on customized products or special product specifications from clients. (*1) Scaffolding and Construction Equipment Association of Japan(only Japanese)

Development, Manufacturing and Sales

"BI-KE System Service"

Our highly skilled staff provide high quality scaffold
assembly services to set up or remove "BI-KE Ashiba".
We provide various training for our staff so that they are able to
undertake these services in a professional, reliable and safe manner.
Our company strengths lie in our reliable equipment,
technology as well as the quality and service levels of our employees.
Leading housing construction firms in Japan are our PARTNERS.

BI-KE System Service

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