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Construction Service Business

Service that Construction
Technology and Beautiful Sight as important


Standardization of the quality by acquisition the ISO9001.

2Construction service with design
and insurance included

We plan the scaffold drawings by basing on field survey.
Guaranteed quality and accident compensation are also added to our construction service.

3Staff training

Training our staff to become a scaffold professional engineer
with standardized trainings program.
Improving construction technique,
focusing on the acquisition of manner and moral to offer high quality service.

  • Basic skill of manner
    and communication

  • Technical education of
    vehicle safety and scaffold

  • Group work and behavior

4Maintenance of
possession material

We always offer clean material by providing five maintenance facility in Japan.

5Other Service

Offering service to improve customer value.

  • Standardization of
    curing material
    Ex. color, material, etc.

  • We bow to the construction field for the purpose of thanks by having work.

General scaffolding
construction service in Japan

Working clothes are not unified. Big problem of manner.
Materials are dirty and sloppily handled.