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Our company is engaged in developing, manufacturing, selling (and)
assembling scaffolding for construction and other related services.

We are the first company in Japan to developed wedge lock
scaffolding, and named it "BI-KE Ashiba".
Ever since our establishment, we have been successful as the leading company
in the Japanese scaffolding industry.
We are able to provide not only our own products
but also customized products in response to clients’needs.

Company Profile

Name DAISAN CO., LTD. (Kabushiki Kaisha DAISAN)
Head Office Sun Marion NBF Tower 3rd Floor, 2-6-12
Minami Honmachi,
Chuo-Ku, Osaka, 541-0054, Japan
Director President and Representative Director
Taketoshi Fujita
Established April 1st, 1975
Issued Shares (yen) 566,760,000 (As of April 20th, 2020)
Employees 418 (As of April 20th, 2020)
Business Description
  • Development, manufacturing and sales of equipment for temporary construction.
  • Setup and remove of “BI-KE Ashiba”, wedge lock scaffolding.
Stock Listings Tokyo (TYO:4750)

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    FY2016 FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020
B/S Total liabilities and net assets 7,980,393 7,939,609 8,291,711 9,247,216 9,795,105
Total net assets 6,138,227 6,457,127 6,705,656 6,932,160 7,055,234
P/L Net sales 7,932,175 8,259,746 8,301,465 8,506,314 8,570,158
Operating income 717,985 722,697 653,053 608,936 442,665
Net income 786,716 480,770 395,350 396,076 298,553

(Thousand yen)